Yumsters Lite 1.1.0

Fun game starring cute, fruit-loving worms


  • Fun to play
  • Lots of levels
  • Cute graphics


  • Gets very repetitive

Very good

Yumsters Lite is a fun casual game where the main objective is to stave off hunger for a bunch of cute worm-like creatures.

The game seems a little complicated at first, but once you get a grip of the rules, Yumsters will have you hooked. Each of the Yumsters is a different color and will only eat fruits that match its own color - not even touching other fruits.

You must use your powers of logic to figure out where to move each creature as the screen starts to fill up with fruit. Fill up the Yumsters' hunger meter and you'll progress to the next level. Allow the screen to be completely filled with fruit and it's game over.

There's plenty of variety within the game, with two game modes (Arcade and Survival), 64 levels, and 7 different colored Yumsters. However, this doesn't stop the gameplay of Yumsters becoming a bit monotonous after a while. Perhaps if there were a way to fast forward as the creatures eat, it would be less tedious.

That said, Yumsters is cute and cheerful, and makes for a fun way to waste a few minutes.



Yumsters Lite 1.1.0

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